Day: July 29, 2021


Getting Good Sleep Is A Must

The aspect of sleep, is one which, doesn’t get enough attention.   Without proper sleep, how good can we expect to be the next day?  Distractions from the day cloud our mind as we wrestle to calm our mind, and drift off.  Not always easy.  Upon awaking, we haven’t been well rested and then make choices, agreements […]

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Personal Development

Each Morning Is A New Start

Our lives have many twists and turns.  Not every day is pleasant, and sometimes there is conflict.  For a brief time, I was raised in the 19th Ward of Rochester, New York.  It was the late 60’s.  Integration was at the surface of discussion all through the U.S.A., but where I grew up, WE WERE INTEGRATED.  No partiality […]

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