A new year…A new cadence in life

Being thankful for making it through the previous year should be a good frame of reference for carrying on into the new year.  

Tomorrow is not a day we are ever promised.

Have you noticed that with a new year, the momentum, the cadence of your life comes to a grinding halt?  And, you’re actually in park or neutral, with a desire to start shifting up to fifth gear.

But was the way you drove your life the previous year transferable to the new year?  Maybe it is time to reflect on things that worked out, and didn’t work out.  And why?

Going in to the new year, do you:

– Need to pause longer between decisions?

– Cease relying so much on others to help you figure things out, or, manage your life?  But rather, trust time, judgement and intuition within yourself to chose the best path.

– Is the impulsive approach to spending money something that occurred more readily the previous year?  Whether it did, or did not, you can make a decision to not react to spending a dime or dollar, but rather, plan that spending out.

– What about relationships?  Did they go in the direction you wanted them to?  Maybe you expected too much…maybe you gave too much.  Review where you “landed” in those relationships at the end of the year, and assess if the relationship is destined; or maybe, your approach to maintaining it needs to be tweaked.

Despite where society is, a new year has begun…no sickness, no restriction, no change in our patterns of life that brought us all home for a season can hold that back.

Reevaluate, plan and hope…yes hope.  Because hope is yours to have…no one can take that away from you.

28 thoughts on “A new year…A new cadence in life

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