Buy Enough of Everything For a Balanced Life

It’s not easy.  You have to buy a quantity of a product and you only have so much money with which to do it.

However, you also need to buy enough.

What do you do?

Lean towards a budget that caters to buying what you need—not too little, and not too much.

Does it give you peace when you buy a large bottle of dish washing liquid?  You’re reaching for that large bottle over the next three months?  I tend to think not, but maybe it is okay with your style of living.

Are you okay with buying individual rolls of toilet paper, and then —– oh..oh. (LOL!!!).  For hygiene purposes, it’s probably best to ensure you have enough for a couple of weeks.

Toothpaste…would it hurt to have two tubes in your home?  One you’re using and one to reach for after the first one is used?  Always back fill that one you used up.

Surely with perishables, (always check the expiration of the first compared to your second purchase), would it hurt to have:   two cans of coffee, two milks (maybe a gallon and a half), two bottles of shampoo/conditioner, two butters (this is a biggee for me), two breads?

Balance is far better than constantly resolving a low inventory household you have to leave to replenish.

Get started today!!

25 thoughts on “Buy Enough of Everything For a Balanced Life

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