Personal Interest

Articles to motivate and ponder on how to improve your life.  Articles to consider and integrate into your life, as you determine, for improving the quality of your life, and outlook for the future. So many areas of our lives need understanding and insight in order to make adjustments, pivot and then move forward.  What one needs is an understanding of how to improve, how to make those adjustments and how to help oneself keep going in this challenging world.

At our objective is to partner with you to improve the quality of your life by presenting content that enlightens you to ways you might not have otherwise not thought of, and which motivates you.  Personal interest is a broad category…a potpourri of content that you can work into your life, as you decide.

Personal Interest

Hobbies – Do people still have them?

I remember growing up and hobbies were the in thing.  Everyone young and old had a hobby. For me, I collected coins.  Others, it was stamps, or football player cards, or baseball player cards.  For others, it was an activity, like chess or snowmobiling or minibike riding or bicycling. For my father, it was picture […]

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