Decisions Can Be Made “At a Time of Your Choosing”

Did you ever notice how the pace of society forces you into making a decision according to its timing?  

We find ourselves in situations where we just don’t say “stop”, but rather go with the flow, as though we’re obligated to commit to a decision.  Maybe it’s a sales transaction, maybe it’s a choice regarding something, maybe it’s a decision we feel we have to make but really, we don’t have to.

How about adopting a position of making a decision “at a time of your choosing?”  You determine when you are going to follow through with that choice, if at all. 


By doing this you are giving yourself time to think it through.   
Now, there may be circumstances that come along that you say, yes indeed I want to push the button today because I need this decision to be made.  I understand that…I just recently did it myself with the lease of a car.  


I needed to get out of what I had and I was not sure if I was going to be able to do it without a lot of money out of pocket.   


The sales person worked with me, and I with her, and she got me out of that car and into a great car with nothing to be done with the trade in, except it getting paid off by turning it in—a near miracle in my eyes. And a miniscule amount down.


That’s an example of moving with the flow because you are able to size the decision up for the benefit it offers at that very moment in time, and what it will offer in the future in terms of a reliable, great driving experience and a monthly payment that fits your budget. 


The opposite of this is what we all need to get used to, and that is controlling the reins, just like this blog is titled.  You determine when you will make that decision that is before you.  You choose the time to offer up your choice in the matter. 


You have the right to do that.  It may impact your wallet, your quality of life, your future.   

Choose wisely.  
And the best way to accomplish this is to make that decision, at a time of your choosing.  It’s okay.  
You’re allowed. 


23 thoughts on “Decisions Can Be Made “At a Time of Your Choosing”

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