Don’t Let Society’s “Billionaire Worship” Steal Your Own Focus, and Success!

There is so much distraction in the world today.  There always has been.  People have always focused on what leaders are doing, when’s the next election, how unfair things seem to be.

And new to today’s world, it seems all society does, is worship and exalt billionaires.

What of it?  

Are they any better from you and me?…no.

By allowing the media through television, internet and other media keep you focused on those who have “already succeeded”, it’s robbing you of your own initiative and success.

It’s a lot of noise.

That noise can drown out our potential if we get consumed with it day in and day out.

Why not apply all you have to setting goals, working towards those goals and working on your life to bring to reality those dreams you have.

It’s through hard work, focus and persistence we accomplish things.  And, knowing that a rejection or a “not interested” is a pathway to learn and advance towards your goal.  Not a stoppage of your dreams.

How so?

Well, for every time you get a negative response to your pursuit is an opportunity to pivot into that next step.

What do I mean by “pivot”.  Say you talk to somebody about your idea…be it a business idea, an interest in working for them as an employee, a concept or invention you have….and that person says, not interested.

Do you write that person off?  No.  That person has become a contact.  Their response today may not be their response in the future, after you have progressed.  And, because you want to always try to end cordially with a new contact, even if they have rejected you, you can go back to that person at a later date.

It may mean business for you now that it’s in a form they can understand and benefit from themselves.

At the present time, they became a wall to your progression.  Meaning, you can’t progress your interests through them…they rejected it.

However, you are not going to wait around for their interest to change.  You are going to keep moving forward by pitching that pursuit to others.  A door will open.  Keep moving forward.

So, don’t let society’s billionaire worship stifle your own ability to succeed.

21 thoughts on “Don’t Let Society’s “Billionaire Worship” Steal Your Own Focus, and Success!

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