Enjoy The Environment…Leisure Fun Is Good For Your Spirit

I think that this time that had people shut-in awakened their understanding of how important the outdoors and all that it offers is.   

A renewed understanding of how much enjoyment can be gained when we are able to get outdoors, bike a trail, experience all that the outdoors has to offer, and really understand that it is there for us to enjoy, and equally, respect. 


Hopping in a rowboat, biking or hiking a mountain trail, fixing dinner over campfire, four-wheeling a new terrain, fishing a new river, and more.  All can bring about a restoration of one’s spirit. 


This is not a lecture blog, nor a scolding article, so I will say this once, which I know readers understand, and that is the environment is to be respected.

You can find enjoyment in life beyond social media, the television set, gaming and your phone. 

So put on your Skechers, slip on your biking garb, or those L.L. Bean shorts, and grab the person closest in your life and make a day of it.  You’re allowed.

22 thoughts on “Enjoy The Environment…Leisure Fun Is Good For Your Spirit

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Photo by RDNE Stock project: https://www.pexels.com/photo/volunteers-assisting-an-old-man-on-a-wheelchair-6646914/

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