Ethics — Vitally Important

No one seems to remember that there is such a thing as ethics.  What is ethics, you might ask? 


1. moral principles that govern a person’s behavior or the conducting of an activity. 

“medical ethics also enter into the question” ·  



moral code · morals · morality · moral stand · moral principles · moral values ·  

2. the branch of knowledge that deals with moral principles. 

“neither metaphysics nor ethics is the home of religion” 


fairness · justness · fair play · fair-mindedness · equity · equitableness ·  


How do you like those synonyms above?  Could be foreign to you in this day and age. 

The promulgation of incivility seems to be at the highest point it’s ever been. 
From the streets, to rural surroundings, to the suburbs, to government, to schools, to homes —- many have lost their sense of simple decency and conduct. 

Where has the self-control gone?  Why has the need for boundaries lost its significance and understanding?  There is chaos in the streets, to the extent you really don’t know what is going to happen when you walk out the door. 

It’s time to remember who raised you.   
I say that with a confidence, that no mother and father would want their child, young, grown or old, to behave in a manner that tarnishes their shared last name.   

Who wants to see the last name of someone, who has lost their understanding of ethics, in the newspaper for all to see?  Now their sons and daughters will suffer.  Their siblings and parents will suffer.  And can you imagine, now the person’s grandparents will suffer, because of one person’s actions that landed their last name in the paper, and on the news. 

What gives?  Everyone is supposed to operate in fairness, justness, fair play, common decency, equitableness and with morals.  You’re not supposed to lean to a depraved mind in any area of personal actions. 

Your business is supposed to be done fairly.  You are not supposed to jip someone out of their money.  You’re not supposed to cheat, lie or mislead. Because, it’s wrong! 

I am not sure why I am writing this, but in the context of this site’s goal to provide thought-provoking articles and content, I say, let’s all ponder this. 

You may not be guilty in any way of letting your ethics slide, but others have.   
If you will dedicate some time to trying to understand why, then, any revelation you might experience, could very well, help us all.

Eric Anderson

Hello! I am Eric Anderson, I like to provide self developing motivations. Articles are to help you, and partner with you to make each day a better one. Hoping it all works for your good, and gives you pause to consider and reflect.

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