Finding the Right Fit Makes Life Easier

As I have grown in age, it is painful to reflect, but sobering too, that many of my mistakes and failures have been a result of “not having the right fit”.

The right marriage partner..the right occupation..the right industry…the right housing…the right priorities in life.

And, one can put in a tremendous amount of hard work and never succeed at the level of someone who was designed to fit into a profession, industry, etc. and gifted.

The challenge in this “right fit” mentality is things can actually be made to work for some time even when it is not the right fit. However, you aren’t attune to the bad choice because it appears to be working.

That is, you got married; or, you landed a job; or, you started that business.  It all seems okay, because something “positive” happened.  But if it isn’t the right fit, if you felt any pressure or anxiety before you made that decision, then it probably wasn’t the right fit…and eventually, like a house of cards—-falls.

Even families, yes even families can prove to be, a wrong fit.  Now don’t get me wrong…blood is blood.  But we were all created as unique individuals and staying arms length can be a part of your life to manage those relationships.

You would be surprised at how much family members want you to stay at arms’s length, too…LOL!!!!

So what’s the key to finding the right fit in everything.

If I had to sum it up, it would be finding that situation (s) where you are yourself, and how you were designed.  Your choices aren’t motivated by money, want or even feelings.  They are decisions that come through a really, smooth, effortless entry that you don’t feel threatened by in terms of your life balance.

As soon as you enter a relationship, you’re not weakened in an way.  If you take a job, you’re not entering without a comfort in that if it ended the next day it would be okay.  And, at the same time, on day one of the job—-you know what you are doing.

And, your choice of a job or business venture is not the key to your financial future—it is something that you are simply good with.

Not the most scientific or foolproof check on getting the “right fit” every time.  But, when there is any pressure involved in making a life choice, there is going to be a mistake.

So I guess it is the elimination of pressure and anxiety in making a choice and decision.

What do you have peace with?

24 thoughts on “Finding the Right Fit Makes Life Easier

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