Weep For Cities, And Then, Help Them

I grieve for the how there seems to be no value put on human life in the wake of gun violence in the cities of America.

I don’t have a degree in criminal science, nor a master’s in public policy, nor a phD in sociology, but I have tried to come up with my own solutions from afar.

With that in mind, I wanted to provide the following program and initiative suggestions for consideration.

I will try to prioritize them in order of feasible implementation:

  1. Implement a county program that rewards a tip leading to the confiscation of an illegal firearm. A toll-free phone number, an email address is all that is needed. Promote, publicize. Generous cash reward for tips leading to the confiscation of an illegal firearm, is money well spent.
  2. Gun buyback days. Twice a year. This may be old, maybe it hasn’t worked, but one gun off the street, and, a process in place that ensures the cash given isn’t cash spent on a new firearm, is also money and time well spent.
  3. Hiring 10 Sheriff’s deputies. These would be County deputies assigned specifically to City, and possibly outlying areas. These shouldn’t be hires for the faint of heart. They will be hires, that can be men and women, but individuals that can physically handle themselves better than any officer. Assign to them newly purchased muscle-grade cars that are built for complete protection from rooftop to windows to tires.

They will be friends of the community, and pursuers of those driven by malicious intent.

The following may be more at the federal level:

  1. Establishing a Compliance department in the County responsible for determinng the location of all guns in the county, monitoring race relations, fraud, extremism by civil servants and the community at large.
    From my experience in the corporate world, you hire a *director and give them the title, and what seems impossible will be pursued under the obligation of their new job responsibilities, and, which will serve as their key performance indicators (KPIs). If they take the job, they want the job; and if they want the job, it’s because they have seen the job responsibilities, and accept the challenge…and the offer.
  2. Microchip all guns. All guns in the County must have a microchip installed tied to a database of information on that gun owner. The goal is the tracking. Scenario: if that gun is enroute to somewhere it is not supposed to be going, then the software at the 911 location alerts for a dispatch to take place.

Let a software program do the “heavy lifting” on where those guns travel at all times of the day.
*Once you hire a Director in your newly formed Compliance department, they may come to you seeking/requiring the microchipping of guns to do their jobs effectively.

Eric Anderson

Hello! I am Eric Anderson, I like to provide self developing motivations. Articles are to help you, and partner with you to make each day a better one. Hoping it all works for your good, and gives you pause to consider and reflect.

37 thoughts on “Weep For Cities, And Then, Help Them

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