Handling Uncertainty

Life is not granted to us with advanced notice of what’s to come.   
We live life knowing that each day is a new one and can be lived enjoyably, with purpose and progress.   

Others have their own ideals of what makes a life and their expectations for a new day, new week, new month and new year. 

What is common to all is, we know not, what that new day has in store for us.   

To some people…that’s life.  To others, it’s anxiety at its worst. 

I only think peace can be achieved when we are willing to embrace uncertainty and be willing to accept the unknown as a part of life. 

How else can one live in peace?  And peace, you are entitled to. 

Some are dealt cards of anguish, challenge, despair and trauma.  Some are dealt cards of prosperity, the good life, constant enjoyment, friends, family, travel and many offspring. 

I don’t know the formula.  I don’t know why it can seem unfair at times.  Maybe many times. 

But I do know…life is a gift.  It can only be lived once.  It’s not a sprint…it’s a marathon. 

There is no one keeping a scorecard…though some may comment about you.  But you know, they own those comments…not you. 

Live with happiness, purpose, and a willingness to allow yourself time to grieve, mourn, be complacent, rest, be uncertain, not know the answers —— and it all be okay. 

No pressure…no rush…no sense of urgency.  Just rest and know it’s going to be okay.  Time is a precious, precious asset that is yours, that no one can take away from you.  

Give yourself time…in all situations and circumstances. 

It’s not a contest. It’s life.   

And it is okay to take some time for yourself to heal, understand while in a place of uncertainty, waiting for answers to come. 

Eric Anderson

Hello! I am Eric Anderson, I like to provide self developing motivations. Articles are to help you, and partner with you to make each day a better one. Hoping it all works for your good, and gives you pause to consider and reflect.

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