Home Plant Choices

I don’t have a “green thumb”, nor am I a horticulturist, but recent endeavors in the realm of choosing house plants that survive has helped me understand there are decisions surrounding the right choice of plants for your home.
Here are some things that I will consider before making my next plant purchase:
1.  Will it remain indoors or outdoors.
2.  Will it be in a place of constant light, periodic light or shade?
3.  Does it need fertilizing?
4.  Will it ever outgrow it’s pot and need to be trans-potted?
5.  Is the current pot acceptable, or does it need to be immediately trans-potted?
6.  Here’s a biggee,..How much time do you have to spend on your plants once purchased?
– Will it need daily watering
– Will it need pruning
7.  Are you buying your plants with a purpose in mind?:
–  To yield a vegetable, like a tomato
–  To yield flowers that can by pruned and will bloom again
–  To grow into a size providing shade inside or outside.

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