How To Improve My Life

A question we all ask ourselves.  A question I am asking myself today.   

What can I do to make the quality of my life better?  We’re talking atmosphere, and ergonomics.  Maybe it is a new habit or activity you will want to do like swimming or biking or reading a book a week.

My personality regularly decides that if I am going to feel better…I HAVE TO MOVE.   

Something about a physical move is going to improve your life.   

Then, you’re right back where you were before—-and instead of living in the city, you’re now living in the mountains—-but, you’re the same you; trying to figure it out. 

No, our approach for life improvement has to come from within.   

Small adjustments, I find, is where happiness begins.  And this can come in the surroundings where you live, the clothes you wear, the friends you keep, the places you go, simply changing the habits that have been a part of your life. 

Maybe you need to take up something new like swimming or biking?

Are you a driver?  Do you get a sense of false relief when you get in to your car and drive?  That is not only a habit, but a false escape from making the changes you need to make. 

Stay put.  Look at your surroundings.  What can you change to make you feel better?  Probably, a lot. 

Does that couch need to be moved?  Should you put more, or fewer books on your bookshelves?  Is your bathroom the way you want it?  Is your bedroom the way you want it? 

Are you getting enough sleep?  This is a “biggee.” 
We might always consider this, but the quality, quantity and consistency of our sleep is a foundation of having a right perspective. 

If we are groggy and, on our feet too soon, we’re going to make mistakes…we’re going to get going before we have had enough rest. 

New pillows, a new mattress, a larger or smaller bed may be in order to provide the everyday rest you need. 
Now let’s speak to your inner circle.  Who is it you have allowed in your life? 
You hold the power over who is in your life, and are they making deposits, or withdrawals?  It is your life, so guard it as one who is wanting to live an abundant life of happiness. 

You are not required to have people in your life that are not good for you. 

I am not going to belabor this point.  I will just say…make some decisions.  Not being available to someone is a soft way of saying to someone, no mas.  Just make sure in these new times of people breaking boundaries, that they understand your retreat from them; and, that they retreat to their own life, without you in it, as well. 

Has it been all work and no play?  You know that it makes “Jack a dull boy.”  Turn that computer off, put down that hammer, change into casual clothes, retreat from the laundry.   

You have to experience and have fun in life.  What is life, if it is wrapped up in a pattern of arduous living? 

I am not going to tell you what to do, but, make sure it’s legal…and then have fun. 

Eric Anderson

Hello! I am Eric Anderson, I like to provide self developing motivations. Articles are to help you, and partner with you to make each day a better one. Hoping it all works for your good, and gives you pause to consider and reflect.

530 thoughts on “How To Improve My Life

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