Keep Moving Forward While Waiting For A Response

Emails, phone calls to voicemails, messages, texts, website inquiry forms…we use them every day to get answers to our questions.

But, what do we do, when so many times, a response doesn’t come.

Do we pin our hopes for a response?

If we don’t keep moving forward, then we are pinning our hopes for a response.  And, you may never get a response.  In the world of commerce and business, a response will come forth if there is something in it for the company.

In the world of government, you hope a response comes forth, but some times it doesn’t.

You have to keep moving forward.

Send more inquiries to other entities, don’t pin your progress on the response, or the type of response you may eventually receive.

Keep it moving forward, and don’t get emotionally tied to the outbound communication you sent…especially if you are starting something new.

A new business, a new endeavor, trying to break in to an industry, trying to establish a professional relationship with another who doesn’t know you.

And, try to accept that if a door is closed, it is for a reason.  Yes, that door may open in the future…but it hasn’t opened in the present.

Accept that in the present, and, KEEP GOING!!!

27 thoughts on “Keep Moving Forward While Waiting For A Response

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