Living A Quality, Sophisticated Life On A Trailer Home Budget

There is this misconception that you need a million dollars and a home in Greenwich, Connecticut before you can live a quality life with an air of sophistication.

Not really true.  There are every day opportunities to establish quality living even if you rent a room, live in a small one-bedroom apartment, rent a mobile home…or even live with your parents with limited access to your own space.

Here are just a few I found can enhance your living space, and call it your own:
Do you drink coffee? 

I recently stopped by a quaint walking village filled with specialty stores, antique shops, roosters walking around and crowing, and outdoor dining—keeping up with the times.

What did I find for myself…a ground coffee store with a selection of probably over 20 choices of bean coffee ready for you to ground yourself, or have ground on the spot.

I had been picking my coffee up at the local retail dollar store. I usually chose the highest price brand they had, but still coming in under three dollars—ugh.

Today, I threw caution to the wind, and bought a half pound of Blueberry Cobbler ground coffee for $6.50.  And there were so many other choices, too…French Toast, etc.

I woke up the next morning and prepared by first cup of that flavor, and let me tell you, the aroma that filled my living space was not be denied.  The taste of that cup was as though I had spent a lifetime building wealth.

It was refreshing and a great flavor, and, really, truly enhanced the quality of my life.

Maybe tea is your preference—-buy some gourmet tea; that, too, can bring an essence to your surroundings and lift your spirits and perspective on life.

It also can be simple things you purchase:

> A high quality air freshener spray with the aroma of your choice to bring life to where you live.

> A kitchen floor mat for in front of your stove that’s something you selected based on your tastes, which says “million dollar living”, but which you were able to purchase for under $15.

> High quality plate, bowl, cup and utensils are a real enhancer to your life.  If it’s just you, or two of you, or even a family…you don’t have to go out and buy a complete china set.  Look in your local retail stores for just as many kitchenware you will need to feed yourself and family.  But make sure it’s the highest quality.

When you reach for that plate, cup, etc. each day it’s going to be a quality approach to having your meals.

And, pick up a supply of the highest quality paper plates, cups and bowls for those days you are tired of doing dishes.  It may be a good relief without sacrificing that quality feeling.

> Plants.  Plants that won’t break the bank and which you won’t have to care for like a pet.  They can be a real pick-me-up each day you arise, and can define your space in a way nonliving items can’t.

Here’s another, final approach I will leave with you…the meals you prepare.

What you choose to fix can be a fast, quick bite…like a sandwich.  But if sandwiches become your staple because it’s easy, you are hurting you diet and sacrificing what can be a quality life.

Knock yourself out and plan a few meals that represent what you would have if you dine out.

And, don’t forget those unique gems—–I recently bought a food processor.  A blender will do, as could a handheld mixer.

The fruit smoothie is what I started indulging in…WOW, they are good.

My favorite is orange juice, bananas and strawberries. 

Slice the fruit up and along with the orange juice put it all in your mixer.  The orange juice is already chilled so after a good blend, pour it in to a nice clear glass—no plastic cup—you will lose the essence.  Maybe a wine glass you invested in—just make sure your smoothie goes into a drinking cup worthy of its taste.

It is so refreshing and healthy and delightful, you will want to start having them daily.

Open your mind and see your surroundings for how you can live a quality, sophisticated life on a trailer home budget. 

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