Flow With Change…It’s good to be reminded

I went to pick up some groceries today and on the radio was the rock classic from REO Speedwagon, “Roll With The Changes.”

Wow…what an appropriate anthem for this day and age.  So much turmoil.

And out of turmoil, comes the need for change, just as the seasons change.

We don’t want to be in a valley in life, and we wrestle with wanting to get out of that valley.

If the year 2020 isn’t a valley in our lifetime, I don’t know what is.

Now that we’re at a precipice, it’s good to understand that with restoration comes the requirement for change.

What will that change be in your life?

During this time have you realized the importance of family, rather than a schedule that had you traveling and away from you family five to six days a week?

Maybe it’s relationships. The state of those relationships may have now become more clear; whether they were in bad shape before, or, needed some further grooming from what they had become.

One thing is for sure, change can be good —– and this world has never stopped changing, so why should it stop now when it seems of utter importance?

Be aware of what is changing, and what has changed and should stay changed in your life.  Such as, better sleep habits…better eating habits…less social media; these may have already found a new and better order in your life —- strive to keep it that way.

Sometimes things in our lives get thrown into this imaginary bowl and stirred up so that a new order is given to us.

Stay calm and see what life can deliver in a positive way…new opportunities, new dreams, new relationships, a second wind…live it, love it, keep your hope alive, and, let it be well with you.

19 thoughts on “Flow With Change…It’s good to be reminded

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