Work inside your “cocoon” now, and you will soar like a butterfly when released

The things which we did to motivate and move forward can still be a force, even during these times o shutdown.


We can still set goals.

We can still make plans.

We can still start projects.

We can still pursue endeavors.

We can still formulate idea.

We can still write books.

.We can still paint pictures.

We can still build something with our hands.

We can all invent something.

We can still realize dreams.

All is not lost in these time of uncertainty.  While the norm of coming and going has changed, the ability to move forward in our lives has not been changed.  We’re able to begin new things.

They may take a new form.  Like online classes. Or remote work with a new job.  But the part about moving forward is reachable…it is reachable.

Don’t let fear and trepidation keep you on a shelf as you wait it out.  Use your environment to begin anew and forge ahead.

When things go back to normal you will be as the caterpillar who has been cocooned….when you are ..released…you .will sore like a butterfly.

26 thoughts on “Work inside your “cocoon” now, and you will soar like a butterfly when released

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