Work —- It’s what we do

The idea of work is a part of not only America, but the modern world.  We work to provide.  I know we’re in a unique season where many are getting financial help from the government, but it is the work ethic that keeps people going, makes them want to move forward, and drives them to go for all that life can offer.

Work makes it possible to move through life.  Work is really a second-by-second endeavor.  You’re concentrating and committed to making it through the day with a focus that only comes when you commit to the day’s challenges. 


What type of work you choose is the “meat and potatoes” of the day.  Going for gold and making it however you can to put food on the table and help your family. 


Take delight in work. It is the wellspring of life.  Work makes the world go around…it really does.  It is the momentum of society, the drive personally, and the fruits thereof help you enjoy all that life has to offer. 

 get out there and work…give it all you’ve got.  You can be as much of a success as you choose to be.



37 thoughts on “Work —- It’s what we do

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